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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Holocaust Literature

Before we started this unit, I didn't know very much. All I knew was it was a time of mass destruction and slaughter lead by Hitler. Now that I have in fact learned about this drastic time period, it is clearly much worse than I thought it was. Reading a book about it also really helped me understand what it was like to be back at that time as well. I chose to read Number The Stars by Lois Lowry. It is a fictional book that is based on a true event, the Holocaust. The story is about a ten year old girl, whose name is AnnMarie. Every day she is surrounded by soldiers, in Denmark as they try to eliminate all the Jews there. Though many of the events in the book are fiction, there are some that are true. Like the inventions the Jews had and the ways of finding Jews the Nazis had. We then had the task to write an argumentative essay about why students should learn about the holocaust. We had to give claims, evidence and had to even give counterclaims. The prompt was for us to make a claim and be able to support it, about why the Holocaust should be taught in schools.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

MS trip reflection

The theme for our field trip to Yogyakarta was awareness. During the trip, we had to be aware of our surroundings. We drew pictures of something we enjoyed each day to show we were paying attention to details. We went to a rice paddy, which opened our eyes about how hard it was to grow rice, but how small of an income the farmers actually earned. Going to the temples made us aware about other cultures and not disrespecting them. We also did a scavenger hunt as well. That showed awareness of our surroundings, though we did almost get lost, and social awareness because we talked to the people there for directions and bargaining.

We had to draw one thing from that day in a sketchbook(like my spider). It was a spider I had seen on the first day of our trip, at our hotel. The spider shows that I was aware of the organisms around us while we were on the trip, even at our hotel, which was actually like some places I would actually stay at.

On the trip, hiking was my favorite activity because not only did we get to learn a bit about wildlife, but we also fell over many times, kept busy with riddles, and even made bets(the boys did. I didn't) if George would fall over five times on it. But I would avoid going to the Temples if you don't like to get hot and cramped between many people.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Claim Evidence Reasoning

Claim: Concave mirrors and convex lenses are similar in characteristics but have a few differences

Evidence: The ray diagrams of how the light would react in the two scenarios are similar. In the diagram of the lens, when the light was passing through it parallel to the principle axis, the light then passes through the focal point of the lens on the opposite side. With a concave mirror, when the light is parallel to the principle axis, the light is reflected through the focus on the same side. The light passes through the focus in both scenarios but the side that which it passes through is different. With the lens, when light passes through the focus, it will be parallel to the principle axis when it passes through the lens. With the mirror, it will be parallel as well but reflected instead of refracting it.

Reasoning: When using the lens, the light is refracted, unless it passes through the optical center which is the middle of the lens. With the mirror, it is reflected. But with both, for the image to appear, at least two or more light rays have to meet at a point, which is where the image will appear. Both of them also have real images, meaning that the image is seen somewhere that is not "inside" the object. Virtual meaning the image looks like it "inside" of the object, like when you look at a normal mirror. However when the candle is between the focus and vertex on the mirror, it is a virtual image, and when the candle is between the focus and optical center, the there is no image. The images can also have differences in inversion. For all tests but one(it was upright), for the mirror, they are all inverted. But for the lens, three of the tests were inverted. The other two had no image(because the light rays didn't meet up at a single point yet. Locations of the images are different because one is concave and one is convex. All tests for the mirror have a location on the optical bench but the last two tests of the lens don't.

I found the theoretical a lot more "trustworthy" because the optical bench didn't go on forever so we wouldn't see where the image was at some times but the optical bench was also reliable because we got the exact distance and wouldn't have mistaken the location to be at another point due to inaccurate angles.

My claim evidence reasoning has developed during the year to be much more stable. I didn't really understand what it was at the beginning and didn't know the difference between the evidence and reasoning.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

My family

In Indonesian class we have been learning how to describe our family in bahasa. Here is my description. At first I found it really difficult but now its a lot easier because I understand the translations.

Laki-laki - boy
Perempuan - girl
saudara kandung - siblings
adik - younger sibling
namanya - name
main - play
menghabiskan waktu dengan keluarga - spend time with family.

Nama saya Natalie
Umur saya tiga belas tahun
Saya tinggal di Sawit 136
Dan ibu saya namanya Lynn
dia suka menghabiskan waktu dengan keluarga
Ayah saya namanya Tanes
dia suka bermain piano
Saya punya adik laki-laki namanya Nathaniel dia berumur 8 tahun dia kelas 2
Adik laki-laki saya suka main Lego
makanan favorite Nathaniel macaroni
Saya suka komputer dan hamster

My family

Student led conference questions for music

1. My portfolio piece in Music is…         . I picked this because…
The play, Aladdin. It is the last project I will do at ISR. It was also the most challenging one.
I really struggled with the timing of the lights and which ones needed to be on. Charlie and The Chocolate factory wasn’t as hard because I only was in three or four scenes. I only fed lines in that play. In Aladdin, I was in charge of the lights, feeding lines, changing the board to have the right lyrics, and sometimes did the songs when Miss Ika wasn’t available.
2. The most challenging part for me…
Being able to multitask. I would have to run from stage to the back of the room, turn on the song, be back to actually participate, and leave a few seconds before the song ends so I can pause it so it doesn’t continue to the next song. I would also spend my free time when I’m not on stage, feeding lines and correcting the script or occasionally re-writing some parts. It was really hard to feed lines while editing the script and making a mental note to remember that.
3. I am really proud…
We got through it! It was a really stressful to keep up with our practice schedules and our activities after school and homework but I got through it without it affecting my studies. I was still fatigued and tired in the mornings after that but it went away when we finished and finally performed it.
4. ONE of the GREATS that I demonstrated is…
Responsible Individual because I showed up for all of my practices, stayed on task, and when I wasn’t in scenes, I either would feed lines, read, or be cubing. I also made sure I knew what scenes were for lunch practices and what scenes after school. I made sure to help Isabel control the second graders that were sitting around us because if they interfered, it would be disastrous and would cause disturbance to the whole cast.

La Bergamasca

We are reviewing the song, La Bergamasca. It is our first guitar ensemble piece. It is basic enough for beginners to learn but has many parts that people can play.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Aladdin Reflection blogpost

BLOG POST: Aladdin Jr
We just performed Aladdin Jr On April 12, 2017! I was the baker . Our performance was better than I expected it to be
I was nervous about messing up on Isabel and my one line duet because we could never get it right as the words slurred and were hard to say quickly. Also the line I shouted in Prince Ali had a weird timing to it and I couldn’t figure out when to say it so it didn’t sound like it wasn’t timed correctly.
I was surprised when the confetti was fired. We had never used it before and it made everybody jump. I was also surprised at how smoothly the action was on stage and that everybody got their cues right even though their lines may have had a few mistakes in it. Also the second graders were behaved.
My favorite part of the play was when I had to turn of the lights because we got to use flashlights and spin them around really fast to give it a mysterious effect. Also when Charlie came out of the lamp because he was doing a weird sequence of moves that made it more comedic and not as serious.
I worked hard to learn how to sing Prince Ali. In my opinion, it was the hardest to learn because there are many parts to it and it never repeats lines. The words at some points were slurred together because you had to say them really fast. The choreography was the hardest though
My favorite song is Arabian nights reprise 2 because I don’t have to do lighting for it, the movements are minimum and are definitely not as hard as the other songs, and we get to dab. Matthew, Ryan, Ahn, Isabel and I all don’t have to control the grade two’s as well.
I learned that I am not as shy as I was when I first came to Rumbai when performing in front of a big crowd but I learnt how to really get into my character by pressuring myself to do something I didn’t want to do and making sure I did it right the first time because then if i didn’t, I would have to redo it over and over again until I got it.